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    You have my sympathy! When I read that pro’s are coming back from collarbone breaks in a matter of weeks I wonder how!? It took me months to get back to riding outside (although caution around the head injury may […]

  • I think that the way the industry treats female athletes is shocking & disgraceful. It highlights how little interest they have in ‘sporting endeavour’ and show them to be simply interested in marketing. Hopefully […]

  • I read this too (on Helen Wyman’s blog), this sort of thing is terrible news & only harms the sport (sponsor ‘pulling’ at last minute), presumably Mani is already committed to most of her events this season?
    I […]

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    I have been wondering something similar recently (again!).
    About 10 years ago, as I was converting from being an MTBer to a roadie, I was wondering whether drop bars on a rigid MTB would work. I could just about keep up on the club run if I used Slick 26″ tyres with my flat bars, but it would have been better with something narrower (it was SS…[Read more]

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    Is this a thing yet? Do the usual SS rules apply (pedal, pedal harder, get off & push)?
    I’m thinking of something like a Genesis Day One Disc Cross, what would the maximum tyre size that I could fit? I’m hoping to run 40’s…

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    How do you rate the NS RAG+?

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