Eurobike 2014: Rapha launches Cross Shoe

Sticking with its partnership with Giro for shoes, Rapha’s Cross shoe is firmly aimed at the performance rider. The same carbon EC90 midsole seen on its road shoes is present here on the Cross Shoe, so stiffness was a primary design idea.

Synthetic leather was present throughout the upper and with no venting – other than on the tongue – you should be able to look forward to a toasty set of toe digits in the cooler conditions the shoe is designed for.

The black is classic understated Rapha, and we quite like the subtle contrast stitching on the side. It will match Rapha’s cross kit if you have it, but is not overly visible so unlikely to clash if you mix and match.

We’re told it took the shoe team nine iterations to get a blue sole material that will stay blue and not stain – if you’ve paid money for a blue sole – you’ll want it to stay blue.

Studs and arch support inserts are included with the shoe, and it comes in a recyclable container perfect for re-using for your beer, frites and mayo. It will be available pretty much imminently from rapha’s website, the Cross Shoe will set you back £250. US and Euro pricing TBC


Rapha Cross Shoe shown with reusable packing n use – frites not included


Once blue, always blue


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3 Responses

  1. nickc says:

    So…a CX shoe…not at all like a mountain bike shoe, right?

  2. chipps says:

    In the case of the Lake 331CX, I’d say it’s definitely not. In this case, I’m less sure.

  3. bikebouycx says:

    I like them a lot 🙂

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