The #ChallengeChallenge Instagram Photo Contest is Closed

UPDATE 10.01.2016

We hope you all had a fun month of posting photos on Instagram for the #ChallengeChallenge contest. Ready to win some rad Challenge tyres? We hope so. We’ll be spending the next day or two going through all the shots and debating with each other which photos are the best. We’ll emerge from our dark and loud offices with some winners, and we’ll post them here.

If you have participated in the challenge, and hope to win some of the tyres, remember you’ll need to be a registered member of the web site. You will also need to be following these Instagram accounts to be eligible to win the tyres: @GritCX, @ChallengeTires and @PaligapCC.

Consider this your grace period to get your ducks in order.

We’ll check back in later this week.

Original Post:

We know you love to take (and post) photos of riding, trails and scenery, and we want to see them. So does Challenge Tyres! In fact, we’re partnering with Challenge (and its UK distributor, Paligap) to reward your best shots. We will chose our three favorite photos, and reward those photographers with their choice of a pair of Challenge Open Tubular CX tyres and inclusion in the printed magazine.


The topic for this photo contest is: The brutality and beauty of cyclocross. Interpret that how you want, and let’s see what you come up with!

Here’s what you need to do to enter:

  • Make sure you’re a registered user on or a subscriber to the printed version of*
  • Take a photo.
  • Post it on Instagram.
  • You must also tag the photo with the following: #ChallengeChallenge @gritcx @challengetires @paligapcc (If you don’t use those tags, you’re not eligible to win)
  • Post as many different photos as you like. That’s more chances to win, really.
  • Please make sure your photos are at the highest resolution possible. Or at least have a high-res version available in the event you win. (We need high-resolution images to use in the printed magazine.)

Other Contest Info:

  • The #ChallengeChallenge Intsagram Contest will open on 10 December (That’s today!), and close 10 January, 2016.
  • On 11 January, We will chose 20 of our favorite photos, and post them in a gallery on the web site.
  • We will then choose three of those photos to include in the Perspective photo gallery in the next print issue of
  • The photographers of those three photos will also be our winners, and they’ll receive their choice of Challenge Open Tubular CX tyres: Limus, Baby Limus, Grifo, Fango or Chicane.
  • RRP is £52 per tyre. That means you’ll be winning £104 worth of tyres. And yes…you do win the pair of tyres.
  • The #ChallengeChallenge Instagram Contest is open to all magazine subscribers and registered web site users in the United Kingdom, United States and Europe.
  • Winners will be chosen at the sole discretion of Paligap and The only advice we can give you is that we’re looking for photos that make us want to step away from the computer and just go ride.

Think you’re up for it? Great! Let’s get moving!

*The #ChallengeChallenge contest is open to all magazine subscribers, as well as people who are officially registered users on the web site. Not a registered user on the site? Click here to register now. Then you can get cracking on posting photos to Instagram!


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