Surrey Hills Gravelcross CX Sportive

Event: Surrey Hills Gravelcross CX Sportive

Sure you can sit and sip beer (or more appropriately, wine) while watching Paris-Roubaix on Sunday, but wouldn’t you rather participate in an organized 60km cyclocross ride that features 1,300 meters of climbing?

Of course you would!

The Surrey Hills Gravelcross CX Sportive is a unique event that goes down on Sunday, April 10th. It starts out traveling along a three-kilometer gravel road, and then spits riders out to a loop consisting of back lanes, fire roads and tracks.

To make things even more interesting, organizers also point out a very unique feature of this ride:

The Gravelcross features a special timed stage on an enclosed 3km cyclocross circuit within the event site at the start of your ride, and again when you come into the finish.

If you’re interested, it’s best you hop over to the CX Sportive site for more information and to register for the event since it is…you know…this weekend.

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