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Tour Divide Tales: The Cordillera – Volume 8

Featured image by Greg May.

The latest Cordillera, ‘the journal of the Tour Divide’, is now on sale. Published each year, it contains stories from various riders of the Tour Divide. As the blurb says:

2016 saw the first ever sub-14 day ride. There was an unprecedented number of animal encounters. The weather was torrid. The Cordillera Volume 8 shares the stories of the successes, and challenges, of the 2016 Tour Divide. It shares the experiences of athletes plumbing the depths of endurance, in the transformational experience that is the Tour Divide.

Our man Greg May has words in this year’s edition. None of the contributors are paid, and they don’t even get a free copy for themselves. Why? Because the revenue goes to the college fund of Linnaea Blumenthal, whose father Dave was killed in an accident just after Bush Mountain Lodge while riding the Tour Divide nine years ago.


Greg, at the finish.


As well as being a charity fundraiser, the book acts as a useful resource for people planning to do the Tour Divide themselves. Find out what to expect, how to handle it when things go wrong, tips for getting your head through the trip as well as your legs…it’s all in there.

Even if you’ve no plans to ever consider riding the Tour Divide, you could always buy one and just double check that you’re not missing out. You know, from the comfort of your own armchair, just make sure it shouldn’t be on your to do list…

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