Help Save Caroline Mani’s CX Season

We recently learned that top-10 World Cup contender and fan favorite Caroline Mani has launched a crowdfunding campaign to enable her to continue racing cyclocross this season.

Mani’s previous team suddenly pulled their support toward the end of last year, leaving her scrambling to patch together her own race program to finish out the season. She hopes to put together her own team in time to compete this year.

Mani says it best: “Cycling and especially cyclocross is not only my passion in life, it has become my way of living. It helps me to be who I am, to feel alive every morning when I wake up, to challenge myself, to be a better person.”

Go here to contribute.

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3 Responses

  1. steath72 says:

    I read this too (on Helen Wyman’s blog), this sort of thing is terrible news & only harms the sport (sponsor ‘pulling’ at last minute), presumably Mani is already committed to most of her events this season?
    I shall head to her funding page to help out.

    Would this happen to a Male Pro????

  2. steath72 says:

    I think that the way the industry treats female athletes is shocking & disgraceful. It highlights how little interest they have in ‘sporting endeavour’ and show them to be simply interested in marketing. Hopefully the coverage being generated by Caroline Mani’s story will bring this issue into the mainstream.

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