Dirty Reiver returns for 2018

A firm favourite of the grit.cx team, it’s great to see the news that the Dirty Reiver is returning for 2018. It will be held on the route’s old stomping ground of Kielder Forest – although this is the last time that the event will be run on its current course – and looks set to be bigger and better than ever with an expo and more sponsors on board. Here’s the full story from Paul Errington of Focal Events.

Nerves on the start line

Dirty Reiver 2018, Kielder Forest: April 20th and 21st 2018

Those who like their drop bar riding on the gravelly side will be pleased to hear the UK’s largest gravel grinder is back again in 2018. Offering 200km and 130km options again this increasingly popular form of riding seeks to be bigger and better in its next edition. The Dirty Reiver will now take place over 2 days with the inaugural Expo event taking place on the Friday. This Expo will offer riders the chance to get to grips with product from the events sponsors as well as enjoy some social downtime and prepare for the following days ride. Expect to find a pasta party taking place on the Friday evening to ensure all riders are well prepped for the task at hand.

Heading up the band of Reivers is a new Highwayman for 2018; Bombtrack (http://bombtrack.com). The Bombtrack team will be available throughout the weekend to show off and talk about their new 2018 range.

The ideal bike? Bombtrack would think so

Leaving behind the crowds

It’s also worth noting that in conjunction with Lauf Forks (http://laufforks.com) Dirty Reiver will be running a fork giveaway during the registration process. There are 5 forks available, every time the registered rider count increases by 200 a set will be given away.

And finding some big landscapes

Enter early to improve your chances of winning! As this is the last time the course will be run in its current form there is also an incentive from Lezyne (http://www.lezyne.com) for returning riders. The 10 most improved rider times in 2018 (compared with either 2016 or 2017) will win a Lezyne Super GPS. Along with these great rider offers sponsors Ass Savers, ABloc Beer, Brooks Saddles, Charlie’s Bum Butter, Chimpanzee Nutrition, Endura, Orange Seal, Ortlieb and Panaracer will all be there during the weekend ensuring all riders leave with more than just big smiles and sore legs.

Entries are open now! Go to dirtyreiver.co.uk for all the event info and entry link.

Pictures courtesy of Ass Savers and Bombtrack Bicycle Company

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3 Responses

  1. fatoldman says:

    In a fit of stupidity the fatoldman has just booked the 200km Dirty Reiver. The problem with being retired is you have too much time to look at the web.It is about a decade since I last rode 200k, though 100-150 are fairly regular. As things stand I am 62 (63 on the day of the event) and 18stones (who knows on the date of the event). I don’t have a suitable bike, but this seems a good reason to get one, especially as HMRC owe me a stonking great refund, I could of course use my touring bike which has ridden much gravel in Iceland. Help! Advice please.

  2. fatoldman says:

    There are times I wonder if more people watch secret missile tests than look at this site. If anyone has any advice about choice of bike: for example could I use a mountain bike or touring bike? Also training advice if anyone has any (do some would be a start).

    • 24tom says:

      Hey fatoldman. If you are on Facebook, there’s a good Dirty Reiver group there, who I’m sure will help with decision making. R.e. bikes… a mountain bike would be fine. At a push, the tourer would be ok, but I’d say there would be a high risk of lots of punctures, and it won’t be comfortable. If you are looking for a new bike, any of the ones that we have tested recently would be perfect for the job. Take a look in the reviews section and work out your budget.

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