Easton widens its AX gravel bar range, literally

Easton’s AX series of bars has already been meeting the needs of the growing drop bar adventure and gravel segment for a while now, but the company are expanding the range. Compared to its road bars, AX turns up the flare on Easton’s range: from 4 degrees to 16 degrees. Why 16-degrees? Well Easton say:

Based on extensive testing and rider feedback we determined that 16 degrees was the perfect balance of maximum bar flare which still allowed for efficient access to the shifters and brakes in both the hoods and drops. The wider stance in the drops provides more control on gnarly terrain and long gravel assaults. Time to take the road less travelled.

The EA70AX

So what is new? First up, there is a new width of 46cm. That’s pretty damn wide, especially as that measurement is at the hoods, so at the flare, things get even wider.

Not a studio shot. Easton reckon this is the kind of riding you’ll be doing on the AX range

Shallow drop

And if the previous models were a little spendy, the EA50 AX has been introduced as a budget friendly option. The EA50AX joins the carbon EC70AX and alloy EA70AX. All bars are available in 40, 42, 44 and 46cm width measurements. We are currently enquiring about UK pricing and availability and will update the story when we know more.

And 16º flare

The EA50AX


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  1. bikeandy61 says:

    Been running a 46 Planet X bar on my P-X Super light since I bought it 11 years ago. Haven’t even fantasised that I’m fast for a long time so go for comfort over “aero”. When I build my all road I’m seriously thinking of running the Funn 48 or 50 drop bar.

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