We are moving in with Singletrack

Some of you will have noticed that we have been changing the way we operate behind the scenes for the last few months. We closed down our subscription service last month and today we’ve packed up and moved in with our sister site, Singletrack over at singletrackworld.com.

Grit has always been part of Singletrack while existing as separate websites. We share many of the same resources from staff & publisher to the coffee and milk and so it makes sense that we also share the same space online.

Revamped logo to mark out move

GritCX will still exist as a separate entity and we will continue to bring you news, reviews and inspiration stories from the world of #dropbardirtygoodness but we are going to be doing it from a space on what will soon become a much broader content network on singletrackworld.

GritCX is the first of many channels that will take up residency within the Singletrack Network, which we think is pretty exciting. We hope you’ll continue to support us in our new home and in return we’ll keep bringing you the latest gravel and ‘cross news and reviews as we’ve continued to do for many years already.

Some technical points

If you already have a login account on singletrackworld.com then this login will work across the Singletrack Network including on GritCX. If you were previously a GritCX subscriber then you may well find that your subscriptions has been transferred over to Singletrack already. If you don’t have a Singletrack login then you can create one here. Registered users benefit from seeing fewer ads on the channel and can post in the main Singletrack forums (Chat & Bike – and watch out for an extra GritCX forum in the coming weeks).

In addition if you choose to subscribe to Singletrack then not only will you be supporting us but you will get access to all the back issues of Singletrack magazine & all 9 GritCX magazines in digital form. Currently you can subscribe from just £1.50/month or £15/year for a digital subscription. £35 gets you a print subscription to Singletrack magazine on top of all that. But those prices will be going up in April so signing up now will save you some future cash.

Oh, and Subscribers get a website completely free of ads too.

And finally..

While this website will still stay here for a while yet, eventually it will be retired to a bungalow in Bournemouth. We will keep the lights on but we won’t be posting any more stories here.


Written by

I’m the publisher here at grit.cx and also over on our sister publication Singletrack

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3 Responses

  1. fatoldman says:

    Just keep on keeping on. Anything that can increase your readership is a good move. I shall keep looking.

  2. bikeandy61 says:

    Sounds like good sense to me. TBH I’d begun to wonder about continuing subs. I know it’s only £1.50 but there really isn’t that much content published. I’m a Singletrack full subscriber so I assume I’ll no longer being paying the £1.50 for the Grit content once all on the single network. Cheers guys, onwards and upwards!

  3. fatoldman says:

    Me again. When is it all going to happen?

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