Kask Protone Helmet

Received: Kask Protone Helmet

Kask is touting their new Protone to be, “the most aero vented helmet on the market.” Developed with input from Team Sky and lots of wind tunnel testing, the Protone looks to be fast and (literally and figuratively) cool. At first heft, it seems quite light, and I’m looking forward to putting it through its paces on all sorts of rides.

Kask Protone

There’s an obvious trend for helmets to be more aero, which makes them look a bit…’mushroomy’ in their aesthetic atop the heads of people. Especially those with more narrow heads like myself. While the Protone definitely goes towards this style, it still retains a more ‘traditional’ modern style, with lots of venting. (Overall, Kask’s entire helmet line enjoys a less ‘bulging’ profile, which seem to sit closer to the head, which is evident on the Protone.)

Kask Protone Helmet

Of particular note with this helmet is that it’s actually made in Italy, and features some nice leather on the chin-strap area.

We’ll be including the Kask Protone as part of our Helmet Group Test in issue 005 of the printed version of grit.cx.

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